The not-so-obligatory intro post

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for this blog; an event attended by approximately 0.99999 people (let's round it up to 1) and an unknown number of spam bots and creepy Internet lurkers. Well, the latter is unlikely at this precise moment as I made this blog about an hour ago. Nor do I expect anyone to actually look at this ever, which I do see as part of the appeal that this affair has. Writing for myself, but leaving it all available for those who might concern themselves with similar issues and ideas.

Herein shall be posted things that pertain to my existence as a student, seeker of various knowledge, and just your average person. I will attempt to keep the posts from becoming exceptionally boring, but as the degree of dullness of any particular thing is a matter of personal opinion, no promises are made. I am definitely planning on using this space for thoughts on subjects that have something to do with my field of study, and document progress on important research projects (such as my Master's thesis...). Hopefully using this medium for blogging will also make it easier for me to follow blogs of people I find interesting for various reasons.

Putting any sort of personal information here seems redundant because, well, this is what the "About Me" pages are for and all so I will not do it. If you are curious feel free to explore the links in the "Pages" section; there will come a day when they will be properly updated.

PS: the layout is a bit crooked at this point, but I am slowly working on it. My apologies for what it could be doing to your eyes and any obsessive-compulsive tendencies you might have.

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