Mommy, can I have a doggie?

I have no intention to add to my current menagerie, of course. Apartment + cats and ferrets = no more. But every time I see a poodle--especially one of the big ones, pardon my precise description and knowledge of dog breeds--my brain starts trying to figure out a way to fit one into my life (and my house). I like animals, I think they are great, but I don't care too much for dogs as pets. I really, really prefer cats. Your average cat and I are likely to be soulmates, and it always impresses me how cats are so very self-sufficient, I always respect independence. I often hear "dog people" say that dogs are so much better than cats because they are loyal, always happy to see their owners (we assume good owners here...), eager to please, feel like they are your almost unconditional friend as opposed to someone who may not wish to see you at times when they don't feel like it, etc. I see how these would be appealing characteristics of dogs to some people, but I suppose my preference in personality types and behavior patterns extends beyond humans. Nor do I need validation from my pet. Cats and I get along splendidly.

But poodles..! I love poodles... I don't know why. Perhaps because my childhood best friend had a miniature poodle and I thought she was a fun and smart dog. Poodles always strike me as very intelligent, and I think they are attractive. I can't help but want one. I also realize my limitations as a pet owner so it's just not a good idea. Any living creature that requires constant maintenance is not for me. Daily walks, training, etc. I suppose that contributes to my opinion that cats are absolutely amazing. They take care of themselves and I am their companion as opposed to their master. Leadership comes with a lot of responsibility and while I don't mind responsibility at all and actually do like having "pet" projects and such (pun not intended but welcomed), I don't like the idea that I am responsible for most of someone's happiness. Failure here would not be acceptable. Plus, dogs are generally too social for me, I need space, I'm a Loner and I love it. And they often break and chew things. I know that it's "just stuff" but I feel like by disrespecting my stuff people (and animals, I suppose) show that they have no regard for how I might feel about it :P

In conclusion, I like poodles and I'm sad that one wouldn't fit in with the other aspects of my life. Maybe someday...

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Anonymous said...

omg poodles! I love poodles too. Especially when they have silly pompom haircuts. And I hear that they are indeed one of the more intelligent breeds.
But having a dog, my husband's dog made me realize my limitations as a pet owner. :/

Anya Smirnova said...

Hey you! :D What kind of dog do you guys have? Is it your only pet? I feel like I've heard you mention you have a small dog of some king, but I'm probably confusing this with something else :P

Since you and I appear to share some rather prominent personality traits I'm now more convinced that as much as I lurve poodles, a dog is not for me...

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