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I've always found this amusing, and it never ceases to amaze me how true it is!

Programmer's Drinking Song
One hundred and one little bugs in the code,
One hundred and one little bugs,
Fix one bug, compile again--
One hundred and two little bugs in the code.

One hundred and two little bugs in the code,
One hundred and two little bugs...

Oh boy. Change of subject. So. I am trying to keep this place free of petty rants, but eh, variety is the spice of life or something. Petty rant ahead!

I may actually vomit: GeeKISSexy Really? Oh you, geeky females! -headpat- Just make sure you stay cute and don't trouble your pretty little heads with this whole science thing. This is actually worse than that stupid HTTP status code underwear. 200 ~okay, 403 verboten. tee hee ^_^ And that stupid "slide to ~*unlock*~" t-shirt that I've seen. Just no.

Must keep blog civil. No incoherent rage. No incoherent rage. Distractions, must find distractions... Ah, here.

I need this shirt in my life: you=/bin/bash Except that since I am all of size 0/2 and woman-shaped even the small size one won't fit well, and that's not worth $16... If only I were craftier...

Brian needs this: QM

Back to work, though. No more sightseeing.

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