It would be nice to have the Burke-Gillman trail open from 145th to Log Boom Park again (supposedly mid-December), but I must say, I kind of grew to like the detour (or my slightly modified version of the "official" one). The trail is, of course, a lot safer but it's also a bit boring in my opinion. Flat, similar scenery all along that stretch. By contrast, the detour is way hillier (which means some strenuous climbs, but also some fun descents!) and I quite like the portion that goes through Shoreline, especially the gorgeous view of the Cascades and Lake Washington from the east side of the hill near by the cemetery. I am thankful for the opportunity to find an alternative, fun route (if you think hills are fun and don't mind some riding in traffic) and I do think I'll use it quite often even after the trail is back to normal.

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Although now that there aren't many hours of daylight I've been commuting the shorter way: load the bike on the bus from Montlake to Evergreen. A nice route and takes only about an hour between home and work. Added benefit is that I can ride it as often as every work day unlike the Kirkland way which is still a little much (there and back = ~40 miles) for me right now. Hopefully by next spring/summer my health will have improved somewhat...

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