Not bikes: I got my drivers license last week, hoorah. Now I'm a 26-year-old who can drive independently. Or so the government says. Passed the test on the first attempt with plenty of score room to spare, and even drove to work by myself once. Not very fun, freeway traffic is bad enough in the morning that I think I spent more time in first and second gear than in fifth. But a good option to have on days when the weather is terrible and when I need to run errands before or after work.

Bikes: yay, my new bike is finally here (well... almost). <3 my dad.

Here it is, Cannondale Flash 3 (in green, of course). This is a picture off the Cannondale site, going to be switching some components out. Replacing the cassette with one more geared (har har, "geared"...) toward city riding rather than mountain biking, and going to have different tires for the same reason (Armadillo).

I used to have a 2009 Cannondale F4 Caffeine. Alas, the fork on it gave out which apparently was not a surprise, only surprising that it took that long for it to do so. F3's don't seem to have that track record, the fork is a little different (and mine is a 2011 model so I'm hoping that Cannondale learned a thing or two about its own HeadShoks in the past 2 years...). I definitely prefer having more of a lightweight mountain bike type thing for riding around Seattle than a road bike. Our streets are pretty goddamn awful. Speed is something that's mostly dependent on the rider (and I'm not a great one... or even a good one, yet) :)

The bad thing about having a shiny pretty fancy bike is that I'm not so sure I want to be putting it on bus racks like I do with my old heavy hybrids. The racks themselves are quite safe when it comes to bikes staying on them, but I fear scratches. If not from racks themselves, then from other people's bikes. So, I figure that if I want to go somewhere that requires taking the bus part of the way (i.e. across the 520 bridge) I'll ride my old Peugeot, which currently needs some de-rusting...

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