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I'm currently taking a break from my break from my hobby known as Internet Spaceships or EVE Online. Haven't had much time to play for a few months, but now there's a little bit of free time available, and an expansion is out, and the expansion looked good, so there. Back to space.

Firstly, I'm happy with Crucible for a variety of reasons. I can spin my ships in stations again. The new nebulae look awesome. Even my aesthetically least favorite part of space--the formerly cold blue and depressing Gurista-populated systems now looks good enough for me to not hate ending up there. Engine trails are back. Warp effect looks better. Stars look better. New T2 modules. Caldari and Gallente ships got some texture updates which are generally for the better (the single largest exception is the Gallente shuttle... it used to be cool and yellow, now it's just meh). I'm somewhat displeased by the new paint job on the Crane, and the Onyx looks kind of weird to me now, but overall it's an improvement. I'm also quite happy about the new tier 3 battlecruisers. My main is happy with the pew pew capabilities, and my industry character is happy that large turrets are currently a hot item for invention and manufacturing since the new BC's are pretty much glass cannons that go boom rather often. The new player-owned customs offices are an interesting development. Importantly, Gallente ships got a fairly significant boost and so did hybrid weapon systems, which makes their gunboats suck less. Also, starbase management is now not quite as awful as it was: timers for anchoring/unanchoring modules and onlining them are now reduced for the most part. Now setting up a home away from home won't result in quite so many hours of hurr durr waiting (yes, the whole POS deal is still pretty painful and really needs an update). There's some stuff that works worse now, but there's more good stuff so I'd prefer to keep this paragraph optimistic.

So, with all the changes and fun new things, I'm determined to do things differently. Shortly after I started playing the game, through means I'm not quite sure of and against my preferences, somehow I ended up in various leadership positions in my corporation(s) (that's the same as a "guild", for reference). Having spent most of my EVE life as a CEO of a corporation that was kind of doomed from the start thanks to its previous CEO's and broken promises, I've decided that the next time I take on a similar role will be essentially never. Both in the real and the virtual worlds, I hate being at the top of the leadership pyramid, hate hate hate it, although somehow that's where I often end up. What else is there to do in a situation where *someone* needs to step up, and no one else does? Blargh, the guilt and responsibility complex is strong, why do I always feel personally responsible for everything around? Anyway, for the time being I've decided to remain unattached to any particular group of people, and roam the vastness of space on my own, doing whatever seems fun. Will probably start looking for a corp eventually, but right now I really need freedom. A game should be about doing things the way you want to, not being dragged down by srs bsns and stuff that's a little too similar to how RL usually works out. Being a free pilot feels nice. Quite the change from all the administrative crap I had to do before--spreadsheets, plans, assignments, logistics, budget, market analysis, more spreadsheets... It was a good day if I got to leave the station/starbase to farm NPC's or hunt players. No more, I say. I'll play the game the way I want to, not the way I feel the situation dictates I do, and I refuse to feel responsible for things that aren't strictly my responsibility.

So far, it's been good to be back in New Eden. I got rid of some less useful assets, bought a Loki, fit it for stealthy ninja travel and went into my favorite space of all--the mysterious unknown realm of Sleepers. Covert cloaking ships are my favorites because they fulfill my long time fantasy of having the power to turn invisible (not to do evil, but to be left alone), and wormhole space is the best space of all because it's very difficult to spot such a ship. Delicious stealth. I am off to have stealthy adventures harassing other wormhole dwellers and whatnot. Might get a Pilgrim for my alt and double-team the task, although to do that without a hot CPU I really need to update my graphics card.

Layout-breaking pictures tiem!

My pilots:

The laptop I'm currently using has none of my good screenshots, so have some screenshots and the like that I didn't make.

New battlecruisers (Oracle, Tornado, Talos, Naga)

Someone's Captain's Quarters + noobship

New Raven model + nebulae

Scorpion + nebulae (goddammit, CCP, include a non-Caldari ship in a screenshot!)

Just for fun, some Orcas having a fun time warping off station (hurrrr)

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