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Currently a graduate student in computational linguistics and an employee of a software company.

I got a BA in Linguistics from the University of Washington in 2007, graduating with departmental honors. In addition to said degree, I also graduated with a minor in Finnish, but unfortunately I've not been keeping my knowledge of Finnish alive well enough and it has mostly withered (though not beyond all hope, of course). Currently I'm doing a Master's program in Computational Linguistics also at UW. Fairly close to graduation, yet so far away since there's a little matter of a Master's Thesis that stands in the way. What keeps me optimistic despite the rather gruesome student debt I'm working on incurring is my love for learning and academia. In addition to school, I work for a local software company doing things that actually have something to do with my education, and very glad about it. To keep sane I volunteer at the Arboretum doing some interesting stuff with the Curation Office. I love trees and the park is a magical place, it truly is.

My research interests lie primarily in the area of speech processing and my thesis topic is on designing an automatic spoken language identification system (the devil's in the details...). I really like typical fun party games more commonly known as mathematics, statistics and computer science (specifically things like machine learning).

I am married to a wonderful, wonderful guy who is every bit as nerdy as I am <3 Besides doing school and work things I enjoy long-distance running, reading, fooling around on the Interwebz, tinkering with IT stuff, gardening, and just spending time outside. Oh, and sleeping; sweet, sweet luxury. I am an INTP personality type and my favorite book of all time ever is The Lord Of The Rings. I'm sure I could easily fill out some kind of a "Linguistics/General Nerd" bingo card with my convictions and interests.

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